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Kate Bosworth did it; Poppy Delavigne did it: even Kate Middleton did it - for fashion conscious brides, the 'two dress' trend is a dream come true. After all, why choose one look when you can have two?

Kate Bosworth did it; Poppy Delavigne did it; even Kate Middleton did it – for fashion conscious brides, the ‘two dress' trend is a dream come true.  After all, why choose one look when you can have two?

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A second dress allows you to be a little more adventurous with a non-traditional style (just look at Poppy’s hippy-chic Moroccan dress), while balancing things out with a more modest look for a religious or formal ceremony. It also means that you don’t have to compromise on an almost perfect dress that you can’t dance in; or a comfortable frock that just looks a little too casual. Plus, by switching dresses between the ceremony and the reception, you are letting your guests know that it’s time to relax and have some fun!

If you’re thinking of investing in two dresses for your wedding day, here are a few things you should bear in mind.

1. Make sure you have time to get changed

Do a practice run to find out how long it takes for you to change from one dress into the other, add an extra ten minutes and work that timing into your wedding schedule. On the day of the wedding, ask one of your bridesmaids to ensure that dress no.2 is ready and waiting in your chosen location, along with your new accessories, hair and makeup artists, a full length mirror and maybe even a glass of champagne.

Putting on your wedding dress should be a joy - even if it is the second time you’ve done it that day.

2. Choose two different styles

Kate Bosworth wore two bespoke Oscar de la Renta dresses for her wedding to Michael Polish, but although the designer was the same, the styles were worlds apart. Most brides tend to go for a fancy, traditional dress for the ceremony, and a sleeker, shorter version for the evening reception, or you could change things up completely and opt for a non-white number for dress number two. This is about having fun and showing off your unique sense of style.

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3. Think about your accessories

You can be really clever with your accessories here – a veil swapped for a tiara, a statement pair of earrings or a new pair of shoes will add real impact to your look in mere minutes. Speak to your hairdresser about choosing a hairstyle which can be quickly and easily modified – Kate Middleton wore her hair in a conservative ‘half up half down’ style for her Westminster Abbey ceremony, then let it hang loose and carefree to go with her simple second dress in the evening.